Building Assets Not Liabilities

Have you read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”? Most people have read it but few understood the powerful principles taught in the book.

The most profound principle in being a successful Entrepreneur is building Assets.

Look at the message below, it’s very critical to your Empower Network  home business success.

Robert Kiyosaki says:

“Assets Is CASHFLOW Money Into Your Pocket”

“Liabilities Takes Money Out From Your Pocket”

Lots of people who are new in the internet marketing industry bought lots of home study courses, ebooks and video tutorials on how to make money online.

Some paid $1997 for a comprehensive course on list building or traffic generation.

These are Liabilities. It takes money out from your pocket.

People who create products, build sales funnel, build a list and knows how to market and make profit online are creating assets. It’s cashflow money into their pocket.

You have to recognize it first and start accumulating assets not liabilities.

Next you have to understand the word:


It’s aka passive income, residual income. It means continuous monthly income. In internet marketing, people who make residual income are those who own membership sites.

Membership sites are powerful business model.

The members each month pays the owner a certain monthly subscription to continue to gain access to the content, tools or training.

The disadvantage of that business model is maintaining the business. Some owners struggle to create monthly content for members just to get a monthly income.

To Robert Kiyosaki, that’s not Cashflow. He says you just created another job for yourself.

You created a job, a self employed business that requires you to work day and night to keep the business running.

An Asset is something that don’t requires you to maintain the business and it will keep running and generates you monthly income.

Empower Network holds the key to help you create an Asset that generates Cashflow for you on a monthly basis without you maintaining your empower network home business.

Building A Successful Empower Network Home Business

In Empower Network, we share insights on how you can start building assets with simple processes. All you need to do is to pay $25 and you got an optimized blog, a highly converting sales funnel and weekly top training from top income earners.

It’s astonishing how simple it is and why people hesitate on signing up. Well it’s either you want to make it or you wish to make it. It’s your choice.

It’s in the moment of decision that your destiny is created.

In Empower Network,

Assets = Your Blog + Traffic

Step 1: Writing keyword optimized articles and publish your content onto your blog on a daily basis

Step 2: Publish your articles to high traffic sites to gain backlinks to your blog posts

Step 3. Repeat the process and collect 100% commissions from your bank account

Start building Assets in your empower network home business today!

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One of the best home business ideas right now is an affiliate marketing home business. Many people have already jumped onto the bandwagon; they have even chucked their daytime jobs and done wonderfully as affiliate marketers.

This is a completely self-contained affiliate marketing home business. You need nothing more than your computer with a very good Internet connection to carry on with this enterprise. If you don’t want to, you will never have to venture out of your home again and still get a very good flow of money through it.

All you have to do when you are running an affiliate marketing home business is that you have to find someone who wants to promote their products over the Internet, and then promote those products for them.

Step 1: You get a link, which is known as an affiliate link and which contains your unique affiliate marketing ID

Step 2: You promote this link everywhere you can, even on your website if you have one. Your effort is to induce people to click on this link and visit the advertiser’s website, because this is what brings in the affiliate marketing income to you.

People who are engaged in an affiliate marketing home business work very little. The lion’s share of their efforts go in popularizing their link everywhere they can, because more visibility means more clicks, which means more money. You could just spend about 1-2 hours a week and still make a good deal of money. That means, you can keep your daytime job if you want to.

A question most people is that with affiliate marketing, how much they can make. Now, how much you make with it will depend on various factors. No one can pin a perfect sum on it. Everything depends on how many people click on your links, and that depends on how visible you can make it. Affiliate sponsors pay anything between a few paltry cents to a few significant dollars per impression on the link. That influences the total revenue you can earn as well.

So, how much can you make from affiliate marketing? That could be anywhere between $0 and $100,000 and even more! But, to put a more realistic spin on it, we would like to say that you can expect your balances increasing by a few hundred dollars six months after you get started.

And, after that, there is no looking back. Once you get those few hundred dollars trickling in, they do not take much time to swell up to a few thousand dollars. Consistency is the name of the game here.

The question is—are you willing to put in that amount of effort and do you agree to be patient? There are several quick affiliate marketing moneymaking schemes being advertised all over the place, but they are all scams.

If you want a genuine affiliate marketing plan that you can work from home, the only way to go about it is to understand what it is about, use the right techniques, be consistent and then wait patiently for a few weeks for the results to keep trickling in and then start snowballing into large sums!

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If you are looking for affiliate marketing help, you are doing the right thing. In any case, you are not going to go anywhere with your business if you do not implement the right strategies. Now, these are the things that you should be implementing in your business.

1. Choose a well-reputed affiliate marketing service that will give you popular business links. It does not matter even if you have to pay a little for it. Selecting an unknown entity, even though it is free, will mean that you will have to struggle more to make it popular. The paid ones are already popular, so you can start earning almost right away.

Think of the ClickBank service. Make an account here and then choose whatever you want to promote. It really works, because you can find some of the most popular products of the world on this service.

2. Use a lead capture page on your website to make people more interested on what it is that you are trying to sell. People are not going to buy things off you the first time they meet you. They will want to get to know the business better and, when you have their email ids through a lead capture page, you have the possibility of promoting your product to them all the more.

3. Use autoresponders. This is another great feature that you must plan on incorporating. There are some great autoresponder tools out there, such as Aweber, which will help you send automated messages to the people who add to your list. Why does that help? That gives some sense of security of people. They understand that you are there to help them out and they gain confidence in you.

4. Concentrate on one affiliate marketing campaign at a time and focus on building it first. Every affiliate marketing campaign needs some work at its inceptive stage. You have to put in time and effort to promote your link everywhere you can.

When you have a very robust system working on, you can switch over to the next campaign. A lot of affiliate marketers juggle several marketing campaigns at one time, but you should not think about doing it unless you are perfectly sure of the game or else you need to get affiliate marketing help from your mentor.

5. Plan on taking up an affiliate marketing training course. If you are a beginner, such an affiliate marketing training course could go a long way in helping you. You will get some great affiliate marketing help that can enhance your business in vast measure. There are various free and trial-based courses out there that you can choose from. Just do a random search on Google and you will be sure to find some good options.

So, try these affiliate marketing tips and see how your business can be really improved. If you are looking at making more money through affiliate marketing, then you surely cannot ignore any of these points for affiliate marketing help.

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When you are into an affiliate marketing business, the main thing you are doing is that you are promoting someone else’s business link online. You may be doing this through your own website—by pasting the advertiser’s business link, which is also known as affiliate link on it—or on your blog, or you might simply promote the link on other places on the Internet where you can add content.

In this guide—suitably titled Affiliate Marketing for Dummies—let us see the minimum requirements you should have to get started the right way with your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Tip #1

One of the first affiliate marketing best practices is to have a ClickBank account. When you are on ClickBank, you will be able to choose from various electronic materials to promote. You can choose from eBooks and software applications. The benefit here is that everything can be sent through downloads and the payments to the advertisers are immediate. ClickBank will pay you a check once in 2 weeks.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Tip #2

When you choose what product you want to promote, you will get a proper link that you can use for your promotion. This link will contain your unique affiliate marketer ID so that if anyone visits the advertiser’s website by clicking on this link, they will know that the visitor has come through you.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Tip #3

It is a good idea to have your own website where you can promote these links. There are many easy website applications that can help you build simple websites with videos and stuff if you want too.

Your website should be in the same niche as the stuff you are promoting, or it makes no sense at all. On your website, include a lot of information about the product and answer general questions about it so that people will come over to learn what they are looking for. When they like your information, they will click on the advertiser’s link to check on their products.

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Tip #4

There are other affiliate marketing best practices that you can add to make your affiliate marketing business a better success. You could consider a squeeze page, also known as a landing page. These pages are helpful because they help you build your list of leads. You get to know people’s email ids, where you can communicate with them further on the product and you can slowly entice them to buy the product.

Statistics show that people visit a website 5-6 times before they make the ultimate decision of buying a product. A squeeze page could be just want you want to get yourself added on their email safelist so that you can subtly promote your advertiser’s product to them.

Think about these points. This guide on affiliate marketing for dummies touches upon the minimal things you want to get started with your business. As you start out, you will find various other ways in which you can improve this business that you have embarked upon.

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If you are looking for a new way to make some amazing amount of money online, then you should probably take a closer look at the affiliate marketing game. This is a veritable moneymaking strategy that many people are using right now.

It is simple to learn, most of the resources you would need are freely available and the most important thing is that you have a possibility of building a significant deal of residual income. So, what’s stopping you from affiliate marketing getting started?

This is a simple guide for affiliate marketing getting started with it.

The main affiliate marketing tools you will require is an affiliate program. You will have to join it to begin your activities. Contact them and you will get a submission form to fill. Fill out this form and send it back to them. They will do a few checks on you and then they will decide whether to give you membership into their program yet.

Affiliate Marketing Getting Started – Find A Popular Product To Sell

Now, once you are into an affiliate marketing program, your next step is to find a product that really has some kind of demand. Again, the affiliate marketing tool that can help you is the Google search engine itself. Do a little research and you will find that is popular on Google. Of course, it is also important to go for something that you like. Whatever you are interested in, do a little Google search and see what you would like as your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Getting Started Tip #1

When you are generally browsing the Internet, you should take a look at the sponsored ads. These ads are paid for by the businesses that post them on people’s websites, which are known as host. You are trying to be the host too, and it is important for you to know which ads are more popular at the moment. That is because the more popular ads will get more clicks, and that will bring more pay-per-click revenue into your kitty.

Affiliate Marketing Getting Started Tip #2

Once you have identified which businesses are making the most money, you can either approach them to become your sponsors or you can directly try to find out which companies are looking for affiliates. You have to check how much the sponsors will pay you for diverting each click to their website, which will be your income from the affiliate marketing business.


Remember that you cannot do anything in this business without some kind of affiliate marketing goals. You have to have your affiliate marketing goals well set, and you have to see what you can do to achieve that target.

Perhaps, you will need more sponsors to do so. However, once you have a goal, you can do things. You can set up your affiliate marketing website and then involve yourself into various search engine optimization techniques such as social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, sharing links and so on.

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